The American Photographic Artists Calls for Support for the CASE Act

The American Photographic Artists (APA) encourages photographers to add their voice to the CASE Act advocacy for an alternative to filing expensive copyright claims.

Photographers are frequent victims of copyright infringement cases, but we are also no strangers to the fact that pursuing legal action can get complicated and expensive. The American Photographic Artists (APA) seeks to help address this with our support for the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2019, better known as the CASE Act. The aim is of this bill is to create a copyright small claims board within the US Copyright Office.

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Is 2019 the Year Photographers Finally Take Back Their Copyrights?

A new court ruling is the first indication that the tides are changing in regards to copyright laws and photography.

We see it time and time again; a company or an individual sees an image online that they like, so they take it and profit from it without consent from the photographer. This scenario plays out over and over again each and every day, but previous laws in the United States of America have made it virtually impossible for an individual to fight for compensation, even if the image was copyrighted. Thanks to the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and a coalition of visual arts groups, a reform is coming that will finally favor photographers and other small creators. Continue reading…

The EU’s New Copyright Laws Should Come to the USA ASAP to Protect Photographers

The new copyright laws that have swept across the European Union will help protect photographers and content makers, but not without controversy.

News coming out of the European Union today is that 19 of the partnering nations have agreed to enact new copyright laws that will bring copyright issues into the 21st century. While the bill had been heavily opposed by many across the pond and beyond, the new laws will hopefully help protect those of us who create images and content from greedy corporations who feel like they can just take as they please. As controversial as this topic has been, there is no doubt that these new copyright laws should become norm in the States as well–especially for the protection of photographers.

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