Kim Høltermand’s Grå is a Story of Moody and Minimalist Urban Geometry


All images by Kim Høltermand. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

As of late, we’ve showcased a lot of works that depicts how architectural photography becomes powerful when we go beyond photographing buildings. Today, we look at a recent work by Danish fine art photographer Kim Høltermand, who once again proves his keen eye for detail and prowess in urban geometry in a set simply entitled Grå.

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Brumleby: Portraits in a Historic Copenhagen Neighborhood

All images by Ken Hermann. Used with permission.

Photographer Ken Hermann is a creative that specializes in documentary portraiture. He’s been featured many times on the site for his photos of coal miners, flower salesmen, and Hollywood Characters; but his latest project focuses on the town of Brumleby in Copenhagen.

“We will show a part of everyday life in this diverse place – to the outside world and the occupants themselves.” says Ken. “In words and pictures…[w]ith a focus on respect and diversity. We will make a present picture of everyday life in Brumleby consisting of about 20 portraits of different personalities in Brumleby and their different life. The portraits will be photographs accompanied by a portrait text and video in portrait interviews.”

All of this is in preparation for an outdoor exhibition at Brumleby’s annual vårfest in May.


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