Talking About Cameras and Your GAS in Person Is Pedantic and Boring

Gear talk online is fun sometimes but even that gets boring; what’s worse is listening to talk about it in person.

“So it doesn’t bring you joy?” is what Marie Kando would say to me if she were listening to me express my feelings on talking about camera gear in person. The situation typically happens when I’m out and about on a photo walk either testing gear or for the personal joy of it. A person will come up to me to start a discussion that will be about my camera. Then the person will find a way to spew their feelings and some sort of negativity about gear. If this isn’t the case, it will be a conversation that’s not new, or interesting. More often than not, it will be the same conversation happening over and over again. I think this is the problem with the current photography community–conversation centered on the gear you’ve got and nothing about photography as an art form. If anything, those conversations are null.

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The Photographer’s Opinion On Working With the Same Models Repeatedly

Trust. Trust is one of the biggest things that any model or Photo Editor will say they have when needing to work with a new photographer. It’s part of why the industry is so incestuous–because the people who aren’t serious about their work get weeded out based on personal recommendations. But photographers also need to be able to have that trust and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I recycle the same models for this site.

Do I like working with new people? Absolutely! But I generally won’t do it unless I’ve gotten a personal recommendation from someone else, and even then I don’t always continue to work with certain people. But I get the same recommendation from model to model and that’s how the ability to collaborate on personal work can spread.

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