The Missing Upgrade in the Ricoh GR IIIx

Two years since the Ricoh GR III was announced, we’re getting a successor, sort of. Today, the Ricoh GR IIIx is being announced. And for the most part, it’s the Ricoh GR III. But there are a few upgrades. The big one is a lens switch to a 40mm field of view equivalency. That honestly seems very cool and super exciting. Admittedly, I had some qualms about the original. And I still stick to my issues with it. Hopefully, Ricoh is addressing these issues. But one big one isn’t even mentioned at all in the press release.

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Fujifilm Patents Hybrid AF Pixels That Also Gather Light

Fujifilm hybrid af pixes

In a similar move to what Canon has done with Hybrid AF on their 70D sensors, Fujifilm has put in a patent for Hybrid AF pixels according to Fuji Rumors. Essentially, what it’s doing is embedding special pixels that offer both phase detection and light gathering abilities onto the sensor to work in conjunction with the contrast detection focusing while also not jeopardizing image quality. Of course, the light transmission won’t be at 100% according to the patent due to the pixels functioning to do two jobs.

On other systems, the sensors have pixels just for phase detection–at least that’s what Egami is hinting at. Of course, when this hits the market we only expect it to do a marginally better job in its first iteration. In future iterations, it will most likely become much better as algorithms improve.

Indeed, when this does finally come to the consumer market, it will be awesome for street photographers, wedding photographers and event shooters. And it’ll be very exciting to see what happens when this comes out.