Adobe Updates Photoshop CC to Include Content Aware Cropping


Adobe is updating their Photoshop CC app today in addition to bringing in a bunch of new updates to the Creative Cloud and integration. For example, there is now a deeper way to integrate CC with Adobe Stock that are leading up to the addition of the new Adobe new Stock Contributor Portal. What this is essentially going to do is use intelligent-tagging capabilities that help do it all automatically for you. It’s almost as if you don’t need to know a thing about SEO anymore.

Then there are all the features coming to Photoshop like Content Aware Cropping, Face-Aware Liquify (which can do lots of simple retouches like opening someone’s eyes a bit more) etc. More after the jump.

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Photoshop CC’s Upcoming Content Aware Crop Tool Solves a Big Problem

The next version of Photoshop CC is looking to solve a major problem that many of us have had for a while after the introduction of the Upright feature and just from normal cropping. The problem involves doing a rotational crop to straighten an image but then running into white areas. But soon, Adobe will be introducing Content Aware Crop–which analyzes the areas and rebuilds the image.

The demo is after the jump, and it’s really cool.

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