VSCO Cam Releases New Presets and Bundle


Since recently coming to Android, many staffers here have been smitten with VSCO Cam. The popular app from the company that creates arguably the best vintage-film presets for Lightroom and Photoshop released new preset collections yesterday along with a bundle that lets you snag them all at a more affordable price.

Many of the new presets are bundled in the company’s new Contemporary Collection bundle. For $2.99, you can snag the Analog/Archetype, New Modern/Lights, Polychrome Summer, and Polychrome Winter sets. Beyond this, there is the revived Legacy Collection: which includes the original 10 VSCO presets. With all fairness though, the company’s newer formulas are much better and have improved on their previous work. The Legacy Collection is available for $1.99 while all the other presets announced recently will cost $0.99.

While folks may love Instagram, VSCO is really the app that many of us have been waiting for on the Android system. When a total novices tries to use the app, they quickly realize that they need to learn exactly what saturation is amongst other things. Therefore, it returns the technical side back to the technical folks–we just pray that they also have the creative eye for composition as well.