Adapt One of the Sharpest Contax Lenses to Your Camera

The Contax 90mm f2.8 is no slouch at all.

Lenses made for the Contax G series cameras are legendary. Zeiss did a fantastic job with them. When you combine that with the Leica M mount, you get what I’d like to call a unicorn lens. With today’s mirrorless cameras, the Leica M mount is one of the most versatile on the market. For that reason, we’re showcasing this beautiful Contax 90mm f2.8 lens. Made for the Contax G mount, it was converted to Leica M mount. What we can’t totally tell is if it’s rangefinder coupled. But the work was done by MS-Optics, who does a fantastic job. And if it isn’t coupled, then it’s fine for any other system still!

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