The Biggest Problem with Consumer Printers Is This Stupid Defect

I’ve looked around. Of any significant photography publication, we’re one of the few that actually still cares about and actively reviews printers. Standard consumer printers are exhausting. They can scan, fax, email, print, cook for you (not really), etc. Lots of them have this idiotic thing that genuinely doesn’t make sense. It ultimately ends up just making the printer useless. And in the end, it’s a justifiable reason as to why everyone hates them.

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Kodak Pulls Out Of The Consumer Printing Business

We’ve all known about Kodak’s financial troubles as of late, and now, they’ve officially announced another hopeful fix to their long term survivability plan. They are cutting off their consumer inkjet printing department, along with 1200 employees. Their thought process behind this decision focuses on taking themselves out of the consumer market while making them more prominent in the commercial and enterprise solutions and services. We will see how things unfold for Kodak come 2013.

And if any of you have a large Kodak based printing set up, they are still offering to support their Kodak customers by continuing to sell supplies and accessories such as ink.

Via The Verge

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