Why Photography Is a Fantastic Way to Maintain Mental Health

For many years, people have done photography as a hobby–a way to preserve their mental health so to speak in a way that keeps them sane due to its almost rhythmic movements and thought process involved. In today’s world, there are more photographers than ever who have decided to pick up a camera or their phone due to how many free educational websites (like this one) and more there are online. So for many people photography is a way to find an escape from everyday stresses, the caustic nature of social media, and a way to creatively express oneself in order to purge negativities from our mind and body. Indeed, photography is fantastic for your mental health.

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Concert Photographers: You Have No Rights

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 final review photos (6 of 8)ISO 64001-50 sec at f - 2.2

Photographer Mike Lerner has a special message for concert photographers complaining about their rights: You have no rights. Like he said before in an interview with us, if you don’t want to sign your rights away when it comes to shooting then just don’t do it. He also talks about the difference between shooting a concert and creating art as a tour photographer.

Further, he states that if photographers want to band together and protest what musicians and their labels say, then we need to consider the fact that photographers out there will shoot for free to get experience.

Mike, while he says that he really understands why photographers are angry, we need to understand that we’re getting involved with someone else’s living.

His message is embedded after the jump. But also be sure to listen to his advice he gave in our episode of ISO 400.

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