Toshiba’s New 20 MP 1/2.3″ Sensor Pushes the Limits (of Pixel Miniaturization and Diffraction)

Toshiba 2013 TCM5115CL 20 mp sensor

Even though we’re constantly hoping that one day the megapixel race will come to an end, this does not seem to be happening any time soon. Only shortly after Nikon’s launch of the megapixel monster D800/D800E, which packs a whopping 36 million individual photon collectors onto a 36x24mm full-frame sensor (figures previously achieved only in medium format cameras), Toshiba now announces a new 1/2.3″ compact camera sensor that sports 20 megapixels and is capable of 60fps 1080p HD video.


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The Sigma DP2s vs. The Olympus E-510

With the review of the Sigma DP2s complete, it can go head to head with another camera. The camera I chose to pit it against was my own Olympus E-510. While the Olympus E-510 is considered an entry level DSLR and the Sigma DP2S is considered a high end point and shoot, what will even the playing field for these two camera are their respective lenses. The lens on the Sigma DP2s is a 24.2mm f2.8 fixed lens, while my Olympus has an Olympus Zukio 25mm f2.8 Pancake Lens. This makes them about level for this review.

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