The Best Canon RF Prime Lenses for Stellar Photos

The Canon RF camera system isn’t as full and complete as some others, but it also offers some very unique lens options. Canon tends to make everything in-house, which also means they’re typically not sharing components with other manufacturers. That gives you unique image quality and means you have to do far less post-production to make your images stand out. They’re a favorite of a few staffers here. And so we dove into our Reviews Index to find the best Canon RF prime lenses. Take a look!

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The Best Canon RF Lenses Under $500 You’re Bound to Love

There are lots of lenses available for the Canon RF camera system. But lots of the absolute best ones are very expensive. If you’re not looking for the best of the best, there are Canon RF lenses under $500 that are still really great. Need a macro? Well, they’ve got one! And what about the incredible Canon nifty 50! It returned for Canon RF mount! Here are the Canon RF lenses under $500 we think are the best.

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Under $700: 3 Budget Macro Lenses for the Frugal Photographer

The best thing ever for a passionate photographer is finding a deal. And luckily, that’s possible in the macro photography world now. Macro lenses used to be specialized. But these days you can get those capabilities pretty cheaply. What’s more, you can go a lot with lenses like these. They’ve become wider and more versatile over the years. We dove into our Reviews Index to find exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look at some of the best budget macro lenses we’ve reviewed!

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3 Excellent 35mm Lenses Under $500 Every Photographer Will Love

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The tried and true 35mm lens is a favorite for many photographers. You can find it affixed to the cameras of portrait photographers, photojournalists, street photographers, landscape photographers, and more. The convenience that it comes with is invaluable. No matter the situation, it’s hard to not justify shooting with a 35mm lens. At least, it’s hard to justify not having one in your camera bag just in case. We dove into our Reviews Index and found some of the best. Take a look with us at some of the best under $500!

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I’m Dreaming of the Canon RF 35mm f1.2 L Lens to Be Real

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When I was still starting this website, I used the Canon 5D Mk II and the 24-105mm f4 L IS USM. But for many years, my bread and butter setup was the Canon 35mm f1.4 L and the Canon 5D Mk II. This was the case until Sigma made an arguably better lens. And for every camera system I own, I’ve always reached for their 35mm lens–Leica L mount being the exception. Canon has been mostly redoing their L lenses from the EF mount but in RF mount. So realistically, we should expect to see a Canon 35mm f1.4 L with something special. I mean, look at that 100mm Macro lens they did! It looks so amazing!

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