Canon’s Quad Pixel Could Be the Next Big Thing

One of the hallmarks of Canon cameras is Dual Pixel AF. First introduced on DSLRs at a time when Live View was often faltering autofocus, the technology turns each pixel into two focusing sensors. But, can Canon make the autofocus system that ranks among the best, if not the best, even better? A technology called Quad Pixel Autofocus could be Canon’s next big move. Recent patents have fueled rumors about the technology. But, just this week Canon shared that it was the only company to rank among the top five for the number of U.S. patents filed for 36 years in a row. With 3,022 patents filed in the U.S. last year, there are bound to be some ideas that never lead anywhere. Will Quad Pixel AF be one of them?

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New Patent Shows RF Mount Crop-sensor Kit Lenses for Canon

Is a Canon APS-C sensor RF mount camera also around the corner?

APC-S mirrorless camera models aren’t new to Canon. They debuted this range with their EOS M model in 2012 and followed it up over the years with various iterations. All these models use their EF-M lens mount. The most recent among them is the Canon EOS M50 Mark II, the release of which surprised me. This system is somewhat crippled by the lack of lenses released by Canon to support it. 8 were released over the last 9 years, along with an adapter to support EF lenses. When you compare that with 21 lenses and 2 teleconverters for the full-frame RF mount, we can clearly see where most of Canon’s R&D has been focusing on lately. A new report now states that Canon has filed patents for multiple RF mount lenses exhibiting APS-C lens characteristics. This could indicate the release of an upcoming crop sensor RF mount mirrorless camera from them.

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Is Canon’s 3D Lens Patent Something That the Industry Needs Now?

3D lenses and cameras sound intriguing, but how relevant are they to consumer photography?

Looking into the patents registered by camera manufacturers can be a double-edged sword. On one side, you have the excitement and hope of an upcoming product release. On the other, complete confusion over why a company would file a patent for something which isn’t in demand. Patents also aren’t a strong indicator of release dates and more often than not, a patent remains in limbo forever. Canon’s latest patent for a 3D lens system has me a little confused

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Canon’s Patent Application Suggests AI-Powered Camera Control System Could Take Over Photographers’ Composition

Could Canon be planning to make the camera do all the work for photographers with an AI-powered system?

AI-powered everything seems to be the hot stuff that gets anything tech-related going these days, especially photography. We’ve come to an age where AI can tell you if your photos will make you Insta-famous or colorize your old black and white photos. Canon seems to be pushing the boundaries of photography with a patent application that involves research into an AI-powered camera control system.

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Canon Files Patent for System and Power-Saving Improvements During Wireless Connection

This Canon patent is just one of many recently reported by CanonWatch.

Canon seems to be very active lately in filing patents, from the obscure to the downright vague, as the CanonWatch blog has found. A few weeks ago, we got word Canon filed a patent for a 400mm f/5.6 mirror lens. Just before the year ended, there’s news of another freshly filed patent that would be very useful to photographers. It involves better operation and less battery consumption during wireless communication.

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