The New Canon ME20F-SH Can Shoot at over ISO 4,000,000


With Sony’s A7s going into the nuclear high ISO ranges, Canon is announcing a new camera that they’re claiming is capable of delivering what they claim to be an output equivalent of over 4,000,000 ISO. According to the press release, it’s called the ME20F-SH and it’s targeted at very low light applications. “Nighttime surveillance and security, cinematic production, reality television, and nature/wildlife documentaries are just some of the ME20F-SH’s many possible usage applications.” states the release.

It sports a full frame 35mm sensor that captures full color HD video with reduced noise according to what the company claims. Additionally, it doesn’t need infrared illumination to focus in very low light.

The camera has an EF mount–which means it can take all of Canon’s lenses or those from Sigma and other manufacturers. But don’t expect it to be cheap. When it comes out this December, it’ll cost you $30,000.

Canon’s press release and more photos are after the jump.

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