The Canon G3 X Can Zoom to 600mm; Make You Feel Like a Creep


Today, Canon is announcing their new G3 X camera that has been the subject of many a leak. The camera sports a 25-600mm equivalent zoom lens that starts out at 2.8 and ends at f5.6 at the 600mm range. The camera houses a 20.2MP 1 inch CMOS sensor that is accompanied by a DIGIC 6 processor. It also features dust and water resistance along with WiFi and NFC.

Other features of note are a built in ND filter, RAW shooting capabilities, full manual mode, a 3.2 inch multi-angle touch screen with 1.6 Million dots of resolution, can shoot 5.9 frames per second, a star trails mode, and a star time lapse mode.

With a zoom range like that, it’s perfect for going to the closest beach and taking photos of attractive humans traveling abroad and in the rain. In our meeting, Canon boasted about the small size quite a bit, and the 1-inch sensor has already proven to be great for so many things such as street photography and candid images while you’re out and about.

The Canon G3 X sits below the G1 X Mk II, and above the G7 X. The weird but incredible feature about the camera is that it is the toughest of the G series since it has weather resistance. In our meeting, Chuck Westfall told us that if you wanted to really add extra weather sealing, a user can add a UV filter but that it isn’t really necessary for a camera like this. Users can also hook up an external EVF (DC1) if they choose to use one.

When it hits the market, it will be available for $999.99. More images are after the jump.

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