Canon 1D C Gets 25p 4K Firmware Only If You Go to a Service Center


According to news that came via Canon Watch, the 1D C will be getting a firmware boost that lets it shoot 25p video at 4K. But in order to get it, Canon Europe is saying that they are requesting customers to bring the cameras to service centers starting on May 29th. Why? We’re not exactly sure, but maybe this firmware needs to be installed a certain way. Canon’s firmware was always easy to do using their software.

Besides that 4K goodness, you’ll get the ability to disable the image size selection button, a fix where the auto light optimizer is turned on, a fix for situations in which video recorded onto an external recorder sometimes becomes two-layered if it has been recorded through HDMI output, the frame rate always being displayed in decimal places, and a couple of other goodies as well which you can view over on Canon Europe’s website.

No idea or hints have ben given about when this is coming to America. And at the moment of reporting this story, the Canon 1D C can’t even be found on Canon’s website.