Canon’s EOS R5S Needs to Be Something Very Special

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Canon used to be the king of high megapixel cameras. Team Canon wowed photographers the world over when they released both the Canon EOS 5DS and the 5DSR. These 50.4 Megapixel cameras were way ahead of their time. The amount of detail they could capture was unmatched. Still, Sony has since taken the Full-Frame crown when it comes to high megapixel sensors. The 61.2 Megapixel sensor in the Sony a7r IV is currently the pound-for-pound Full-Frame resolution king. However, this may change in the not too distant future. New reports of a high-resolution camera, the Canon EOS R5S, have surfaced. Find out all the juicy details about it, and see what we think it needs to feature to be successful after the break.

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Is the Canon EOS R5s a Camera for Real Photographers?

Just make sure you market the Canon EOS R5s for photography and not video, Canon.

2020 has been a year of ups and downs for Canon and their fans. We have been graced with two fine cameras, the EOS R6 and the EOS R5. Unfortunately, Canon’s marketing efforts harmed the excellent EOS R5. Canon pushed the EOS R5 as a camera for hybrid creators (with a massive emphasis on video rather than photography), and it backfired. Still, news about a 90 Megapixel Canon EOS R5s behemoth has surfaced, and if true, this could be the camera Canon photographers start having naughty dreams about. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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