Video: The Canon EOS D2000 Had a Built in Pong Game

Photo by Morio

Photo by Morio

Years ago, Canon created the D2000 DSLR. It was regarded as one of the company’s first really good DSLR entries and also featured a cool easter egg– a Pong Game built into the menus. Why? We’re not exactly sure, but it’s a pretty cool idea!

The camera was a collaboration with Kodak that involved the EOS 1N body and a Kodak digital back holding a 2MP APS-C sensor. For that time that it was released, it was quite a big deal. It was one of the last products that Canon and Kodak created together.

According to some info given to us by Canon’s Chuck Westfall, the Canon EOS D2000/DCS 520 and D6000/DCS 560 were introduced in 1998, and were relatively successful among photojournalists and commercial photographers. Later on in the year though, Canon and Nikon both put out newer cameras that almost left these in the dust.

Fast forward to November 2001, Canon would produce the EOS-1D–the first camera of their made all internally. It sported a weather resistant body and a 4MP CCD sensor along with 8fps shooting abilities. In 2002, the company put out the EOS 1Ds which sported an 11MP full frame CMOS sensor.

I’m sure that no photographer would ever argue with having a pong game in their camera today. It would surely cure some boredom issues in between shooting sessions.

We’ve got a video of the Canon EOS D2000’s pong game after the jump.

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