Dear Canon: Please Give Us a Digital Canonet QL-17

Canon QL17

For many years now, I’ve been a Canon shooter. I still own a Canon 6D though I use Sigma lenses and manual flashes these days. I owned a Canon Canonet QL-17 for a hot minute–probably one of the most sought after fixed lens rangefinder film cameras ever made; and it was affordable! They’re beautiful pieces and sport a 40mm f1.7 lens on the front or another lens depending on the variation that you got for yourself.

Since the inception of digital, Canon has looked to digitizing their film camera bodies. This is evident in the 1D (1V) 7D (Elan 7 series, etc) and the 5D (EOS 5 series cameras) after totally abandoning the FD mount.

But you know what would really make me excited? A digital QL-17.

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