Five Great Film SLR Cameras to Grab for Under $150

35mm Film SLR

Start your film photography journey with these noteworthy film SLR cameras that won’t break the bank.

If you’ve been looking for some great cameras to begin your film photography journey with or add to your vintage camera collection, we can see how it can be overwhelming given all the choices out there. Today, allow us to narrow down the list with a handful of film SLR recommendations. These models are some of the best and most interesting cameras film photographers have been picking up since the so-called analog resurgence. While prices for many cult cameras have gone up, you can still grab these particular models today without breaking the bank.

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Taking the Canon AE-1 Program and Pellix QL Out on a Woodland Shoot

Planning a dreamy woodlands shoot on 35mm film? Here’s a quick video showing what a Canon AE-1 Program and a Pellix QL will get you if you’re pressed for choices on what to bring.

Any camera would do if you’re thinking of a springtime woodlands shoot on film. But, if you want to narrow down your choices to 35mm SLR cameras, this quick video by Alex Hayes lets you choose between two Canon options: an AE-1 Program and a Pellix QL. The former is a classic and a firm favorite, while the latter is a rather unique option that may not be as heard of today. Both cameras were shot with the hugely popular Kodak Portra 400, so you might want to watch this video if you’re keen on trying these out.

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Five Most Popular Canon FD Mount Cameras to Grab Today

While the Canon FD mount has long been rendered obsolete, you can still add some of the most popular Canon FD mount cameras to your collection.

Are you a long-time Canon user who goes back to your film photography roots once in a while? Or, are you just embarking on your film photography journey? Whichever the case, among the cameras you’ll find yourself considering or shooting with are Canon FD mount cameras. The mount was rendered obsolete in the early 1990s with the introduction of the Canon EOS cameras and the Canon EF mount. Still, we have the film photography revolution to thank for making it possible for us to experience a bit of Canon history through the FD mount cameras. If you don’t have one yet, allow us to recommend five of the most popular cameras that you can choose from.

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Start Your Film Photography Journey with These Budget 35mm Cameras

The budget 35mm cameras are plentiful!

Keen on getting into film photography but want to start with something cheap? If you want something more advanced than point and shoot cameras to have more control over your exposures, film SLR cameras are the way to go. Sure, they will also cost more, but they’ll be a great investment that will let you learn as you shoot. In a recent video, Aidan Moneyhon lists some of the best budget 35mm SLR cameras that will get you shooting in no time.

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