Is the Canon 85mm F1.2 FD SSC Aspherical Worth $23,000?

I don’t know a single photographer who wouldn’t go crazy for an 85mm f1.2 lens. But some just seem incredibly expensive. And that’s what’s making us scratch our heads about this Canon 85mm f1.2 FD SSC Aspherical lens. Various reviews and folks online say it’s one of the best lenses ever made. Of course, Canon lens users have always loved their f1.2 lenses; it’s part of what makes the system so special. But can a lens really be worth nearly $23,000 and have so much variation?

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Apparently, We Could Get a Bunch of Exciting Canon f1.2 Prime Lenses

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It would make sense that we would see a ton of Canon f1.2 prime lenses. They already have two variants of the 85mm, and then there’s the 50mm option. We recently wrote about the dream of a 35mm f1.2. Sigma has done this already. But a lot of other brands haven’t even hinted that something like this could come. However, a few Canon patents are really exciting us right now. 

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