Special Report: The Canon EOS R is Winning My Heart as a Portrait Photographer

The Canon EOS R has a relatively mediocre sensor and I’m not even that in love with the body; it’s the lenses in front of that sensor that simply serenade my troubles away.

Full disclosure, this piece is being written on an all expenses paid trip by Canon to Hawaii with a number of other journalists; but as I’ve stated before with not only the launch of the Canon EOS R, I’d much prefer to be at home in NYC testing a camera like this on my own terms and with little interference from a manufacturer for ethical reasons. I’ve built this site on now almost 9 years of winning trust and we’ve recently rightfully earned a bump from Google for being a verified and ethical reviews website.

With all that said and out of the way, the Canon EOS R per se isn’t particularly winning over my heart–but these lenses are.

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