The Four Ultra Fast Aperture Lenses We’re Absolutely in Love With

If you’re all about great bokeh, these lenses are going to do a great job giving you beautiful photos.

Photographers start out typically loving and adoring the bokeh fast aperture lenses provide. But, that wears away quickly when you’re trying to become a better photographer. Then, after a while, sometimes it comes back again. Depth of field is an effective tool for storytelling, but it also helps develop a specific look in a photographer’s images: if you’re using a full-frame camera, some would say that it’s a medium format look. But otherwise, it’s overall just a special dash of magic dust that makes your images sparkle. When combined with effective lighting and color usage in the scene, the photos can look special. In the hands of a skilled photographer, these lenses can deliver unique photos. So, we went into our reviews index to find some of our favorite fast aperture lenses.

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