Shooting Dreamy Portraits with the Canon 50mm F0.95 Dream Lens

When the opportunity to shoot with the Canon 50mm f0.95 lens came, Mathieu Stern couldn’t pass it up.

Last time we followed the adventures of Paris-based photographer Mathieu Stern, he showed us what went down during his visit to the Camera Rescue center in Tampere, Finland. There, he did not only get to browse the largest collection of vintage cameras and lenses in Europe, but he was also able to shoot with some fascinating lenses — including the rare Canon 50mm f0.95 Dream Lens! If you’ve ever been curious about what shooting portraits with this cult lens is like, you should definitely watch this video!

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If You Buy This Canon 50mm f0.95 on eBay, Know That It’s Stolen

Photographer Daniel Zvereff’s lens was stolen and is now being sold on eBay.

A few weeks ago, photographer Daniel Zvereff told me a story about how his Canon 50mm f0.95 lens got stolen while on a trip in Mexico–and today the lens has appeared on eBay for sale. Daniel, who has been featured here on the site many times, has done some fantastic Kodak Aerochrome work, and is currently in our zine, spotted the lens just today and reached out to tell us about it. It was stolen unfortunately when thieves snuck into where he was staying and snatched the lens up.

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