Have a Canon 50D? Then You’ve Got a Cinema Camera


When the Canon 50D was released, it didn’t make such a huge splash as its predecessor the 40D did. For years, the 40D was the bread and butter camera of many wedding photographers. But what people didn’t know was that apparently, there is a video mode built into the camera but locked out via firmware. And according to EOSHD, a forum member unlocked the video potential. Apparently, it delivers killer low light performance.

Why did Canon choose to wait until the 5D Mk II to show off the video abilities of its DSLRs? We’re not quite sure, but perhaps it had something to do with the processing engines. However, we have to admit that it would have slaughtered the Nikon D300 alive if that were an enabled feature. Unfortunately for Canon, Nikon took a huge leap that year and quite literally made ISO 1600 the new 400. This news follows the CineDNG hack from Magic Lantern for the 5D Mk II and Mk III cameras.

The camera is going for a fairly affordable price on Amazon right now if you want to compliment your kit with a new video camera.