The New Canon 430 EX III RT Flash has Built in Radio Control


Today, Canon is announcing their second radio controlled flash: the 430 EX III RT–which is the update to the Canon 430 EX II. Imagine this flash as a smaller version of the 600 EX RT flash, because that’s what it pretty much is. It features high speed sync and second curtain flash in addition to a faster recycling time of up to 2.5 seconds max according to what the company claims. The zoom head goes from 24-105mm; which is perfect for one of their most popular lenses.

You’re also getting new color filters for shooting in different types of lighting scenarios. Additionally, the head tilts and swivels in every direction.

When the Canon 430 EX III RT ships in September, you can get yours for $299.99. More photos are after the jump.

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