5 Unique Engagement Photos That Will Make You Swoon

It’s always a happy time when two people unite and decide to spend the rest of their days together. Maybe we’re becoming soppy in our elder years, but there’s something about seeing engagement photos that release all our Oxytocin. Many photographers have documented these beautiful moments. We’ve had the pleasure of being a home for some of the best photographs in the engagement space, and we celebrate the best of them below.

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Dr. Who Inspired Wedding Shoot Will Tug at Your Nerdy Heart


All images shot by Candice Benjamin. Used with permission

Lots of people love Dr. Who–and some people love it so much that they opt for an entire wedding/engagement shoot modelled after it. Indeed, the series that has been running for well over 20 seasons has accumulated quite the cult following and has found ways to constantly reinvent itself. The hit BBC series was what one wedding revolved around for wedding photographer Candice Benjamin. “We love this idea of mixing geek with chic…something we don’t see too often sadly,” states Candice in her blog post.

The couple and Candice nailed lots of subtle details while not going over the top. There is the dalek, the bow tie, and lots of the other colors and accessories. Though we would have liked to have seen the sonic screwdriver–maybe with the ring around it! Take a look at some of the other photos after the jump.

Via io9

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