This Pinhole Camera is Made from a Spam Can


Mmmmmmm, spamaliciousness! This spam can pinhole camera comes to us from user Scott from F295. The camera sports a 50mm focal length, .3mm EMS (Electron Microscope aperture?) Pinhole and has a 6×6.5cm image area.

Scott states that everything was epoxy’d together. He even built his own film advance–which is the knob on top of the camera. It’s also complete with a tripod mount and a square viewfinder from an old Holgaroid camera.

Not familiar with F295? They’re an organization centered around the promotion of the photographic arts–particularly with pinhole cameras. I’ve known their founder, Tom Persinger, for a while. He is an excellent photographer and instructor, let alone perhaps one of the most knowledgeable experts I know on this type of stuff. Check out more images of this camera after the jump.

Via F295

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