New Year, New You. 5 Mirrorless Cameras Perfect For Beginners

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So, you want to get your first traditional camera after getting the photography bug from your smartphone. Congrats! This is a huge step in making your photography dreams come true. However, how does one know what camera to buy first? After all, the market is flooded with tons of Mirrorless cameras that cost less than $1,000. Fear not. We’re here to help. Before selecting the Mirrorless cameras in this roundup, we took several factors into consideration. The cameras needed to be under $1,000. The Mirrorless needed to have enough about them so that you can grow with them. They needed to have access to a robust lens lineup that features many affordable lens options. Lastly, they needed to have sensors that will put your smartphone camera to shame. Check out five of our favorite Mirrorless cameras for beginners after the break.

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