How Shutter Speed Determines the Look of Your Photos

For photographers, shutter speeds can mean everything. The advent of digital photography has made it easier to just leave the settings to the camera to get a clear and perfect shot. However, it pays to learn more about how your camera works, especially if it allows you the option to go full manual. Knowing how to set your shutter speed, for example, opens your photography to many creative applications. If you’re just getting started with photography, learning the technical side of things may seem daunting at first. But if you break it down to the essential concepts, such as finding out how shutter speeds work, it will be easier for you to apply them when you practice later on.

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Olympus Anywhere Classroom Series Launches to Teach You Photography

Olympus Anywhere Classroom

Shot with an OM-D E-M1 by Olympus Visionary, Jay Dickman.

Olympus is joining the small band of camera-manufacturer that produces tutorial videos with its new Olympus Anywhere Classroom series. Today, Olympus has released three videos of its first season with acclaimed National Geographic and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jay Dickman. In the videos viewers will join Dickman in a journey to learn how to shoot landscapes, wildlife, and nature.

Of course these instructional videos won’t be part and parcel only to Olympus cameras like the OMD EM10 and EM1 only. There are plenty of tips from framing to long exposuresthat all photographers can use.

Olympus isn’t the first to offer instructional videos. Canon has had its own long running series of educational programs though the Canon Digital Learning Center. Nikon, meanwhile, has had its Digitutor to help users figure out the Japanese camera company’s full line of camera before they even pick it up.

Check past the break for the first three instructional videos and tuned to Olympus’s Anywhere Classroom for even more.

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This Beautiful Fantasy Photo Took Lots of Photoshop Work and Concepting

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.27.47 AM

Photographer Erik Johansson posted a tutorial video earlier this year detailing all of the steps that went into the creation of his image called Drifting Away. The video details everything that lots of conceptual and fantasy photographers go through such as story boarding, planning etc. It shows Erik doing things like shooting the actual bottle, the landscapes and then the creation of the real image. While some may say that the photo involves too much photoshopping (and therefore may not make it a photo anymore) we believe it can still surely be called a photo. Lots of photos have photoshopping done without us knowing.

The tutorial video is after the jump. Erik has also done a TED talk if you have some extra time to kill.

Via R/Photography

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