The Holdfast Gear Camera Swagg is Like Suspenders For Your Camera

Camera Swagg

Holdfast Gear is announcing a brand new camera strap today. It’s called the Camera Swagg–and it’s essentially the Money Maker but not made with leather. Instead, high grade nylon is what dominates the design here though the original buckles and clips from the Money Maker are all present. To refresh your memory, the Money Maker lets you shoot with two cameras at once and can even integrated into other HoldFast Gear products like the Photo Belt and camera leash.

At the moment, they only seem to have stock available for the black version–but it also seems like they’ve got red, navy and copper in the works. Correction: all are in stock

Want one? One Holdfast Gear Camera Swagg is all you’ll need at $130 to hold two cameras. That’s like two $65 straps and quite the deal if you’re a photojournalist or wedding photographer looking for something a bit more stylish, rugged and that allows you a bit more quick and easy access.

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