C&A Marketing Buys Calumet in the US; Will Become Operational Again

Calumet Closed Day 1

Photo by Brandon Remler. Used with permission

Earlier this year, we learned that Calumet in the US closed down. It was sad news for the industry; but some positive news has come in just yesterday. C&A Marketing, the same company that purchased Ritz Camera, has apparently bought the Calumet Photo’s US-based assets including IP-related entities and buyer’s rights.

To recap, back in March the store closed down all of its locations in the US and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. But as the years progressed the business started to dwindle due to the formation and growth of other stores like Willoughby’s, B&H Photo, Adorama, and even Amazon.

Back in 2012, C&A also bought out the rights to Ritz Camera when they tanked.

So what does that mean for the stores? C&A is trying to currently figure that out. However, they’re going to be re-activating the online services soon. As for the brick and mortar stores though, they may not all re-open. What we do know so far though is that it will carry the same inventory again. For everyone that had repairs and rentals though, they’re recommending that you check out Calumet’s website (once again though, when it activates.)