Win For Nikon? Sony A7R III Ties D850 on DxOMark

Sony’s A7R III and Nikon’s D850 Are Too Close To Call… or Are They?

Regardless of how you feel about DxOMark and their camera sensor rankings, the fact is that these numbers are an interesting peek into how one sensor may stack up against another. Probably the two biggest launches of the year in 2017 has been the Nikon D850 and the Sony A7R III. It was huge news when Nikon’s offering broke records to become the highest rated full frame camera on DxOMark with a score of 100 (note this is NOT out of 100).

Well, it was just announced that Sony’s A7R III offering has just matched that score, making it the highest rated full-frame mirrorless camera on DxOMark. Your first thought when seeing this may be that Nikon’s moment at the top was short-lived, and you wouldn’t necessarily be incorrect. However, let’s look at the bigger picture… Continue reading…