Beautiful. Functional. Billingham Hadley Large Pro Review

Beautiful, comfortable, and functional. This is what most photographers look for when shopping for camera bags. As it turns out, few offerings deliver on all three bullets. Even fewer are successful when it comes to larger camera bags. Billingham is known in the industry for beautiful bags that are built to last, which is reflected in the price. As someone moving to a medium format sensor, I was curious to see if the Billingham Hadley Large Pro could deliver style, comfort, and functionality. Could it be as successful as the original Hadley?

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3 Camera Messenger Bags Our Photographers Use All the Time

Many photographers prefer messenger bags over backpacks–and these are some of the best we’ve used.

Sometimes all you need is a smaller bag than a backpack. That’s why lots of photographers love reaching for camera messenger bags instead. They’re positively perfect for mirrorless cameras. And if you’re not planning on bringing a whole lot around with you, why not get one? Of course, there’s a concern about weight distribution. But these bags are the most comfortable and ethical options we’ve used. We went through our camera bag reviews and our Reviews Index to figure out what camera messenger bags were best. Here’s our selection.

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