DNG RAW Files from the Google Nexus 5 Are Quite Versatile

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer CES 2014 MeFOTO phone adapter (10 of 10)ISO 8001-60 sec at f - 6.3

Since RAW DNG access was unlocked on the Nexus 5 via Camera FV-5, we’ve been playing a bit with it. What we didn’t expect were some incredibly versatile RAW DNG files with very good highlight recovery and pretty good shadow/black level recovery. After bringing the DNG files into Adobe Lightroom 5, we were able to see what the camera’s small sensor is capable of doing.

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Camera FV-5 Allows Your Android Phone to Shoot DNG Raw Files


Android App Camera FV-5 was the first app on the market to allow for manual control over the camera (providing you have Android 5.0 and later) and today it received a major update. The app now has full control over the shutter from 1/8000 to 0.08 of a second in addition to full ISO control, manual focusing control, and DNG RAW capture.

The app is the first that allows Android users to shoot RAW DNG files straight from the sensor. This puts Android ahead of iOS–which beat Android to the cake when it came to manual control over your images.

Earlier on this month, we shared how we used the Manual camera app with the Triggertrap flash adapter to have flash output in your image. Essentially, you need to shoot at a slow enough shutter. Neither Android nor iOS devices allow for triggering of flashes just yet.

For what it’s worth still, we’re not sure how many folks will want to shoot DNG files with their Android phones considering the fairly crummy lens in comparison to dedicated cameras, but it’s a cool concept for sure.

For download in the Google Play store for free or for a small fee. These features may only be available on the Nexus 5 and 6 at the moment, but we’re not 100% sure on that one.

Hat tip to Adam for sending us the tip!