Review: The Scarabaeus Camera Clip

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Scarabaeus Camera Clip Review

The Scarabaeus is a unique new camera clip that attaches to your belt. It’s made by hand in Germany, and consists of solid metal and soft leather. Unlike other camera clips such as the Peak Design Capture clip, the Scarabaeus does not use a tripod plate to connect with the camera. Though it does attach to the tripod mount, its locking system is proprietary. And while the Capture clip is clearly designed to be able to carry heavy and bulky DSLR setups, the Scarabaeus is aimed at smaller and lighter setups, such as mirrorless cameras or compacts. In this review, we take a closer look at the Scarabaeus and assess its pros and cons.

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Peak Design Capture Camera Clip Version 2 Hits Kickstarter


We previously reviewed the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip–the accessory that hit KickStarter a while back and took off. Then they updated their plates. In fact, we see them all over NYC. And now, the company is going to KickStarter again and citing the community as their very own board of directors.

The new product is version two of the Camera Clip. And this time around, they’re coming in both a pro and hobbyist version. The new accessory also has a new design, which includes making it lighter and slimmer. The Pro version is designed to function as a tripod clamp, works with more tripod heads overall, and also plays nicely with sling straps.

More details about the Standard and Pro are after the jump–along with their KickStarter video.

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