Beautiful and Ambidextrous: Jo Totes Bellbrook Backpack Review

Many camera backpacks overwhelm my small frame, with straps that dig into my skin and ergonomic pads that don’t sit where they should. Made from a company that makes camera bags for women, the Jo Totes Bellbrook is a smaller backpack. Designed with waxed canvas and leather accents, it charmingly looks like its primary purpose is fashion. But, with a number of different ways to stash gear, the Bellbrook is more than just good-looking.

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Photographers Need More Practical Camera Bags for Women

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The design of many women’s products makes functionality feel like an afterthought. The front pocket of the jeans that I’m wearing won’t even fit half of my hand. (Forget about actually putting anything useful in them, like a phone or keys.) Men’s razors often have more blades for less money. Similarly, the vast majority of camera bags for women puts atheistic over function. I’m bombarded by Facebook ads for purse-like camera bags that place the weight of heavy gear on dainty straps. That’s fine for compact, lightweight gear, but what about a girl with a full-frame camera and an f2.8 zoom? There’s nothing dainty about carrying heavy lenses on a small slice of one shoulder. Women need a practical camera bag that carries lots of gear too. 

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