How to Develop Color Negative Films at Home

If you’re yet to develop your first C41 film at home, you’ll get an idea how it’s done in a quick video

Whether you’ve been shooting film for a while or fairly new to it, one of the things you must have on your analog bucket list is to develop your own films. It seems outright intimidating to develop your own films at home, but it’s actually easy once you have all the steps figured out. To get you started with that, we’ve got a quick video showing how to develop color negative films at home using C41 chemicals.

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Developing Color Films at Home is Easier than You Think

Screenshot image from the video by Jonathan Notley

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to develop your own color negative films at home but feel it’s too complicated, There are actually plenty of resources out there that will tell you it’s actually pretty easy. Part of the misconception is brought by the fact that it needs three chemicals (developer, bleach, fixer, or developer, bleach + fixer, stabilizer) instead of two (developer and fixer) for black and white developing. To show you how it’s easier than you think, English photographer Jonathan Notley has recently made a video tutorial for developing color films using Tetenal Colortec C41 chemicals.

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