Canon Offers Dual Pixel AF to C100 Users


While we never thought anyone that uses Canon’s C-series cinema cameras would want better autofocusing (you know, because they’re cinema cameras that often work with focus pullers), the company announced recently that they’re offering a Dual Pixel AF upgrade to users of the C100. The C100 is the company’s entry-level Cinema EOS cam, and Canon’s press release sounds like they’ll offer a sensor switch of some sort. It still isn’t totally clear, though.

Dual Pixel AF first debuted in the Canon 70D to drastically improve autofocusing in video. It essentially allows for phase detection to work by placing those pixels on the sensor. In the results that we’ve seen so far, we were highly impressed.

We’re also still waiting on our Canon 70D review unit.

Via DPReview

Canon’s EOS Cinema Cameras Can Now Shoot at ISO 80,000; But We’re Not Sure Why You’d Want To


Canon announced a brand new firmware update for their Cinema EOS cameras recently that allows the C100, C300, and C500 to shoot at ISO 80,000. Why? Well, we’re not quite sure why one would want to do that unless they’re shooting in black and white. But besides the ability to shoot at an absurd ISO level, there are loads of other updates that come via firmware updates today.

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