Radiant Images to Unveil C-Mount Novo 2K with Uncompressed RAW and 11 Stops of Dynamic Range


Earlier on in the year, we reported on the Novo. It’s a small camera that can take C Mount lenses. This upcoming weekend at Cine Gear Expo, they’ll be showing off their new Novo 2K: which can shoot footage at 2K and in an uncompressed RAW format. That means that filmmakers will be able to get a heck of a lot more control over the footage in the editing process. In this case, the Novo 2K will have 11 stops of latitude.

The Novo 2K will have a base ISO of 640 and have a 12.4MP 1.25″ sensor. It will be able to shoot 4K at 12 fps, 2.7K at 24p, and 1080p video at 24p, 30p, and 60p. You’ll also be able to capture 120p 720p HD video with this device. Slap on a C Mount lens plus the fact that there is a PL Mount adapter and you’re good to go–providing that you can get a lens that wide.

No other information has been given out yet, but this seems really exciting.

The Novo is As Small as a GoPro But Takes C Mount Lenses


NAB 2013 is showing us lots of cool stuff–and the latest is the Novo from Radiant Images (which was actually released back in February). Specifically being marketed as taking away lots of the limitations that a GoPro has, the Novo also will use C-Mount lenses (but no word on the sensor size) Micro Four Thirds users should be very familiar with these as many of them love to hack them onto their cameras. But we’ve also previously done a round up of which lenses are actually worth trying. But beyond that, you can take off the auto-exposure function because you can adjust the aperture of the lens manually. Radiant Images also will unveil brand-new accessories available for the camera, including a wireless follow-focus system and a wireless video solution.

The Novo has an aluminum body that is being billed as 20 percent thinner than the GoPro Hero3, and includes three bottom and two front 1/4-20 mounting points. Also, four buttons on the front (REC, PWR, WiFi & AUX) are assignable to several functions depending on the application. The Aux button turns the auto exposure on/off, but can also be utilized for other functions, such as digital zoom. And just like the Hero, it incudes things like the LCD touch screen, power backpack and WiFi connectivity for wireless camera control and can shoot, “cinema-quality 2K and 4K resolution.”

We’re going to try to get one in our palms as soon as we can–so stay tuned!

Nova Digital Camera is a Rehoused GoPro Hero 3


This here is something very interesting. It appears that the company View Factor has modified the latest GoPro Hero 3 camera to accept C-Mount lenses. Not only have they cracked it open, they have also given the camera the ability to enable or disable auto exposure–because without this the modification would just be a gimmick. On top of that the added CPU module can also punch in digital zoom for checking critical focus.

GoPro has become a (photography) household name over the last couple of years, and these cameras are used professionally already intercut with much more expensive cameras. Their quality and small size makes them quite unique, but this modification brings them to a whole new level. Which is surely exciting for those professionals who need a camera with more creative control.

At the moment, sadly, there are no plans to make a mass released product due to costs, but they are planning on renting the camera out at Radiant Images in Lost Angeles. The camera is compatible with all C-Mount lenses, but the rental package will include custom geared lenses and accessories. Here are some additional images of the Novo Digital Camera. Continue reading…