Buzzfeed Tries to Explain Film Photography to Modern Kids

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Recently, Buzzfeed decided to do a small but very well produced feature on film photography and how it differs from modern day. Indeed, they state the obvious–you didn’t use a digital camera or a phone with a camera app to capture a moment. Instead, you used a film camera, and you only had a certain number of shots before your roll of film needed to be changed.

While most of the video is true, they don’t mention instant film. When you shot instant film, you had to make sure that it was exposed properly, pull it out of the camera through rollers so that the chemicals for the development would be spread evenly throughout the image, and wait depending on conditions like the temperature.

And the fact is that many of us in the film community still do it. There is no large format digital equivalent of a good 8×10 sheet film image.

Either, the video is still very good for entertainment purposes; and can be found below the jump.

Via SLR Lounge and Buzzfeed

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BuzzFeed Gets Sued by Photographer for $3.6 Million


Chances are that you’ve ran into Buzzfeed more than once. They’re a serious hub of every meme and lots of cool things on the web. But right now, they’re getting that big giant smile of success wiped off their face–because they’re getting sued!

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