This Chart Will Answer Whether or Not You Should Buy That New Lens

If you’re considering buying a new lens, here’s your answer

Photography is of course an expensive hobby; but you always do need just one more lens. Lenses are a million times more important than cameras and are sometimes worth even more. They surely hold their value; and this cheeky infographic will help you out in your purchasing decisions. You see, the holidays are coming around and when it comes to getting new gear, there are always complications of some sort. If you’re a professional photographer, then most of the time it can be expensed within reason. But if you’re not a professional, then sometimes it can be more complicated unless you’ve got money sweating from your skin. Of course, there are always discounts, rebates, etc.

And let’s be honest, sometimes nothing is better than getting a new prime lens and experiencing the sweet, glorious bokeh you get from it. With all this said, let this special infographic help you to get exactly what you need.

PS: We should probably let you know that there are a ton of new lenses available on discount over at Amazon.

H/T: Thanks Dragos!