The Town 30 Emissary Camera Bag is Stylish With Useful Features

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Town 30 is a brand new company that is trying to carve their path in the stylish camera bag space; and today they’re launching their Kickstarter showcasing their Emissary bag series. This isn’t only a stylish bag though, it has lots of unique features. Take for example the special lens cap holder on the side that fits various sizes or the special claps that requires you to actually twist them in order to unfasten them. However, they’re very capable of being undone in one smooth motion and lifting the flap up if quick access is what you’re after.

The bag is made from water-resistant nylon with vegetable leather on top for those of you who prefer to pet cows rather than  experiencing their deliciousness. The bags come in the 13″ Burzin and 15″ Cumbysis options with the Burzin offering a Classic leather edition still made from veggies.

The company’s intro video to the Town 30 Emissary bags is after the jump.

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