Beauty Beyond Scars: Finding Beauty in a Burn Victim

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My love for photography roots itself in portraiture and street snaps. People in the photo world either love or hate the notion of telling a story, I live to share them. Shooting people in their own world is what drives me to push in this craft. I enjoy a series style of shooting where a concept is experimented on or some context exists. With that, I present to you my latest series with a good friend, Kiki. It is titled “Beauty Beyond Scars”.

I met Kiki a couple of years back. She is a powerful individual with a powerful story to share. Her resilience in breaking down normative standards of beauty is as physically present as it is emotionally. She wrote a whole thesis at UC Berkeley through the SURF program regarding Beauty and Sexually among Burn Survivors.

I repeat, she wrote a thesis at the University of California, Berkeley regarding this subject matter.

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