Nikon’s Df Gets Mocked With a Burberry Edition


There are lots of feelings out there about the new Nikon Df, but one story is going above and beyond in the hilarity. PhotographyLife has a piece mocking the concept and idea a bit. To do this, a faux press release was created. Not only does it wrap the Nikon camera in a very Burberry like design, but it also gets rid of autofocusing and only shoots black and white images. Quite the colorless feat for such a colorful camera!

With all the joking aside (and you should really go check out the piece) we have to say that this probably isn’t a bad idea for Nikon. Leica created the M Monochrom and it was a hit amongst many reviewers sans the fact that you need to underexpose each image and work with it in post. The Df in a Burberry edition looks pretty damn nice though and may not only appeal to the retro-addicts but also those with some disposable income.