How Pat Brownewell Is Teaching High Schoolers to Not Photoshop

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“It’s kind of cool that this thing, which was used to document death and destruction, is now being used to photograph bubbles and as a teaching tool for kids,” says Pat Brownewell. Pat is truly something special, and we know this from our previous feature! After honing his digital techniques to be flawless, he went back to large format film. And he’s done that with wedding photography. With the pandemic being what it is, wedding photography dried up, but Pat continued his craft by teaching. And now, he’s showing high school students how to get it right in-camera.

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Hope Carter Photographs the Crystallized Patterns in Frozen Bubbles

julius motal the phoblographer hope carter icebubbles-1

Don’t burst Hope Carter’s bubble. Seriously, don’t do it because if you do, she’ll have to start the process all over again, and it’s cold outside. Carter has been experimenting with the very precise art of photographing bubbles in freezing temperatures, which was inspired by some classes she helped teach in her children’s schools. She took camera into the freezing outdoors, where she would blow bubbles that would then crystallize, and before they disappeared, she clicked the shutter. No two bubbles are alike. Each gives rise to a different kind of icy landscape.

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