Is Stop Motion Video the New Big Trend on Instagram?


Though video for Instagram has been out for a while now, a new trend has emerged overall that some of us probably didn’t even realize would come. As with lots of the other big trends in video, it was only a matter of time before one form of the art became really big on Instagram. That form is stop motion video. At the moment, there are over 30,000 posts on Instagram with the #stopmotion hashtag and it’s bound to only climb higher. However, despite a very strong initial start with video, most folks still mostly post images and unless you’re Desert Friends, you’re probably not looking to create a whole web series involving Instagram video.

A couple of notable uses of videos are a What’s in the Bag video done by National Geographic and California based Fashion Photographer Bryant Eslava using video to show off lots of his portfolio work for the past couple of years.

So how do you do Stop Motion video? A couple days ago, Photojojo posted a quick tip to their Instagram account saying that you can do it using iMovie on your phone.

Those three videos are after the jump; and we can only wait until timelapse Instagrams start happening in mass.

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