New Instagram Showcases How All Bros Wear the Same Shirt


Image via ThatJCrewGinghamShirt

Instagram has been used to do a lot of things, but prove a simple fact that all “bros” do the same thing is something that it can do very well. There are loads of accounts that parody bro behavior, but even better is this new Instagram that combines candid street fashion with showing off the fact that loads of guys all wear the same shirt and don’t try to find any way to differentiate themselves from the supposed norm.

We got word of ThatJCrewGinghamShirt, which has only been around a month but has been able to go around NYC and find loads and loads of guys that wear the same exact shirt. It’s run by Jonathan Sans, who probably encounters it all over Midtown Manhattan.

This Instagram just proves that with the right idea, you can pull together loads of content and get a full following into photography stardom.