Fashion Label Uses Hurricane Sandy Ruins as Backdrop for Advertisements


Images of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy have always been quite prevalent in the minds of many since the natural disaster destroyed lots of property back in November. In what is an extremely controversial move, fashion label Brooklyn Industries has chosen to do a photoshoot advertising their latest products on location of the ruins. The recent lookbook was just launched after the company published a blog post on their Tumblr entitled, “Rockaway Revisited.” The post talks about and emphasizes how Brooklyn and Queens came together to help those in need–and does the very smart thing in creative marketing content creations: not mentioning the products.

According to Swagger New York though, there are complaints from the locals. According to them, they quote a resident stating, “‘I am from Rockaway and the pictures are just reminding everyone of the s**t they went through and continue to go through. Thumbs down to Brooklyn Industries.'”

The CEO of the company has tried to fix relations, but we really wonder what was going through the creative director’s head. Sure, shooting in abandoned locations and ruins is hip and usually helps to provide for really cool images. But the area is still trying to recover: and this is evident from the recent Kickstarter to save the Mermaid Day Parade.

Via Swagger New York