Mistletoe Drone from TGIFriday’s Crashes into Photographer


For some odd reason, TGIFriday’s thinks that it’s a great idea to fly a drone around their restaurants and have mistletoe attached to it. Or at least, they thought it was a great idea until it literally chopped off the tip of a photographer’s nose.

According to Vice, photographer Georgine Benvenuto was working for the Brooklyn Daily down in Sheepshead Bay at the restaurant location to document the new happening. When the drone made its way to their table, someone flinched and the drone made a crash landing into Ms. Benvenuto’s face.

Brooklyn Daily’s article states

“‘It literally chipped off a tip of my nose,” said Benvenuto, using tissues to stanch the blood. “It took off part of my nose and cut me here, right under my chin.'”

Mrs. Benvenuto stated that she was happy that it didn’t go anywhere near her eye since that is part of her livelihood. The incident has the food chain standing behind their operator and saying that it was an isolated incident. It surely is, but the idea of flying a drone around with mistletoe isn’t exactly the most PC idea either. If the drone clipped her eye, there would be a major lawsuit.

Video of the TGIFriday’s mistletoe drone is after the jump.

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