NYPD Officer Could Face Jailtime for Falsifying Charges Against a NYTimes Photojournalist

julius motal the phoblographer nypd officer photojournalist

Clarification: The still above shows Stolarik, the photographer who was arrested, but the video from which it was taken was recorded during another incident. We apologize for the misleading statement in the original version of this article.

Law enforcement and photographers have rarely seen eye-to-eye, and a good number of police officers are often unaware of the laws in place to protect photographers. On August 5, 2012, Robert Stolarik, a freelance photographer for the NYTimes, was arrested by police officer Michael Ackermann while out on assignment in the Bronx. He was photographing the arrest of a teenage girl when he was apprehended by several officers. He was subsequently arrested for “violently disobeying arrest”, disregarding “numerous lawful orders”, and using a flash in the officer’s face. Evidence from the incident now shows that those claims are untrue, and the officer in question has been found guilty of falsifying charges.

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Ben Zank’s Black and White Self Portraits Emphasize Concept Over Technique


All images copyright of Ben Zank. Used with permission

“The inspiration came after looking at some photographs by Rodney Smith. I’m also slightly colorblind, so doing some photos in black and white gave me a chance to focus entirely on the concept rather than the color.” says photographer Ben Zank on his recent self-portrait efforts. Ben is an NYC based photographer that hails from the Bronx, and that caught the photo bug when he found an old Pentax SLR in his grandmother’s attic. Ben often tries to come up with different fine art concepts for his images.

They can be described as surreal and almost based out of fantasy. More from this series is after the jump.

Be sure to check him out on Facebook as well as checking out his website.

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